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Students find confidence in WLA and Generation Universal Banker Program

In each cohort, students learned how to cross and up-sell items and fine-tune their technical skills. Most importantly, they learned how easy it is to sell anything using just one skill: empathy. By putting their focus on the customer’s needs, students are able to build trust and ensure that customers find value in the services they are purchasing.


April 5th marked the graduation of the program’s third cohort, ending an intensive five-week course for the students. Each course has been developed based upon data that has identified specific skill sets of banking employees, and the current workforce. Make no mistake though, while each week of learning is filled with the technical skills and knowledge students need to succeed in retail banking positions, including cash handling and fraud prevention, participants also spend a lot of time understanding and learning about empathy, compassion, leadership, and hope.

Secretary of Labor, Cerron Cade, delivered a keynote address filled with inspiration to a room filled with graduates, family, and friends. He reminded students why they were there and at the end of his speech, charged each student to “keep going”.

We are excited for what’s ahead of these newly graduated Universal Bankers. WLA congratulates them in their accomplishment and for contributing to the workforce development efforts in the City of Wilmington.

Student Spotlight

Universal Banker Students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures who aren’t shy of speaking from the heart on how this program is truly transforming their lives.


Two students from Cohort Three, TyJahn and Rehan, currently reside in Newark, Delaware. When asked about the program they both stated that they loved it.

TyJahn’s favorite part of the course was all of the knowledge he received, “I think this course is an amazing first step to a career.”

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