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Generation Pre-Apprentice Construction Course featured on 6 ABC

On July 17th, students in the Generation and ABC of Delaware Pre-Apprentice Construction program had an opportunity to experience their very own “Journey Day.” Thanks to the partnership with Williamson College of the Trades, students gained insight on the various trades in the construction industry and learned about the benefits of working in construction.

The day started with a staff-led campus tour. During this tour, students had a chance to visit the Carpentry, Brick Masonry, Machines, and Power Plant shops. Shop directors spoke to students about the physical and mental work involved in each trade.

Following the tour, students had a chance to discuss their career interests with staff members over lunch sponsored by WLA and Williamson College.

Students then attended a resume workshop and mock-interviews led by Generation and Williamson staff to prepare them for interviews with employer partners. To top the day off, students got a visit from 6 ABC news. Watch the news clip of the students in action below.

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