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Poetry Workshop Series 2023 

Hosted by Christian Willis aka "Anthem"

To be held at the Art O Mat  (Corner of 7th & Washington St.)


Description: This poetry workshop aims to give individuals the opportunity to create poems around their own experiences, learn the importance of poetry as an art form, and create a visual display to record poems they’ll construct. Poets and users of all backgrounds are welcome to participate in this one-of-a-kind experience.  Please note that this is a workshop series and attendance at all 4 workshops is strongly encouraged.   

Register Here : Registration Page 

Week One - July 16, 2023, 3pm-4pm

Objective: Participants will learn the beginnings of poetry, rap and spoken word in order to gain a better understanding of the history and various origins and why they matter.


Week Two- July 23rd, 3pm-4pm

Objective: Participants will learn about simple poetic language, similes, metaphors and verse structures in order to create their first works and content.


Week Three- August 16th, 3pm-4pm
Objective: Participants will create short poems around mental health and poetics themes around duality in order to expand their understanding and writing comprehension around ground-breaking topics.

Week Four- August 20th, 3pm-4pm

Objective: Participants will learn more about sensory and poetic language, design their last set of works, finalize their pieces in order to prepare for recording and presentation.

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