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The Story of 6 Kings Farm 

6 Kings Farm is a family-inspired farm that regeneratively raises sheep for dairy, meat, and fiber.

The niche of sheep dairying evolved organically with the birth of our first child having a milk protein allergy and completely changing our diet and giving up all dairy while breastfeeding. Sheep's milk is the most easily digested milk and sheep themselves are excellent grazers of native grasslands. A grass-fed sheep dairy allows the utilization of native grasslands, thereby supporting ecosystems, soils, and sheep.
We have historically sold grass-fed lamb and hand-tanned sheep skin pelts.

 6 Kings Farm recently completed the fundraising process with Kiva.


How did you go about sharing your project with people before joining Kiva?

Patricia: Initially, I didn't actively promote it much. I had heard that farms tended to perform well on Kiva, so that gave me confidence. Before this, I've been exploring various small-scale farming ventures to find what's both scalable and profitable. That's when I stumbled upon the idea of dairy sheep due to my daughter's milk protein allergy. I've been involved in sheep-related courses, leveraging opportunities during the pandemic to educate myself further.


How long have you been raising sheep?

Patricia: I've had the sheep for about three years now. I hold a master's in animal science and have previous experience with sheep from my undergrad years.


Is your daughter allergic to the sheep's milk as well?

Patricia: Sheep's milk is actually the oldest known milk consumed by humans and is generally easier to digest due to its fat and protein content. It's been a revelation for us since my daughter's allergy to cow's milk led me to explore dairy sheep.


How was your experience with Kiva?

Patricia: The application process took a while, but once I got started, the fundraising was relatively fast. However, the slowest part was gathering support from friends and family.

Could you tell us more about your plans for the funds acquired through Kiva?

Patricia: We recently built a structure on the farm, which I plan to convert into a workshop space and a small farm store. This building already has electricity, and I'm using the Kiva funds for the final touches.


Where do you sell your products?

Patricia: We mainly sell online and participate in markets like Berlin from May to September. It's been a gradual process to increase sales, but we've seen a significant rise from last year.


How long does it take to bring the lambs to market?

Patricia: The process with lambs takes time. It's a seasonal cycle, and sometimes it's challenging to align their growth with market demand. Educating customers about lamb meat and its benefits is a crucial part of our sales approach.

What are your hopes for the future of your business?

Patricia: I'm optimistic about our growth. This year has been promising, and I believe next year will be even more successful, especially with continued social media presence and customer education.

Thanks for sharing your insights, Patricia. It's fascinating to see your dedication to sustainable farming and your plans for growth.

Patricia: Thank you for visiting the farm and for your interest in our journey!


The Story of Aki's Allied 

We are excited to share the inspiring journey of Dayton Jackson, the proud owner of Aki's Allied, who recently received a $9,500 loan through Kiva to boost his towing business. Dayton's story is a testament to the power of community support and the innovative opportunities that Kiva provides to entrepreneurs seeking to achieve their dreams.

Dayton Jackson grew up on the west side of Dover, Delaware in the Simon Circle Community and was obsessed with hot wheels and dreams of one day driving NASCAR. Like many others that come from his background and economic circumstances he made a lot of wrong choices and went down the wrong path.  In 2018, after discovering that he was about to become a father, he decided to make changes to his life so that his children would be proud.

In 2019 while visiting family in Philadelphia, he was introduced to the towing industry and it was love at first hook. He was able to learn a new skill set while also feeling  like he was helping others during their time in need. Being in service to the community by towing cars and providing roadside assistance, allows Dayon the opportunity to change people’s perceptions and provide vital services to Dover Delaware and its surrounding communities. 

Dayton's experience with the Kiva platform was transformative. He expressed that, while the fundraising process was different from anything he had ever done before, it was made easy once he received the assistance he needed. "I know I got on a lot of people's nerves, but it was helpful," Dayton chuckled. "In the end, it was very beneficial. I believe that Kiva is a hopeful and useful tool for future entrepreneurs to secure funding when the conventional path isn't accessible."

When asked whether all his needs were met through the Kiva experience, Dayton replied with enthusiasm. "Yes, my needs were met because I couldn't do what I'm doing without Kiva's help. Kiva absolutely met my needs." This showcases the pivotal role Kiva played in enabling Dayton to acquire the necessary resources for his towing business.

Unwavering Support Throughout the Journey-

Dayton emphasized the incredible support he received throughout the process. "Absolutely, both my launcher team and my immediate friends and family showed me a lot of support in bringing everything together and making this thing happen," Dayton said. It's heartening to know that the Kiva community extends beyond just the financial aspect, providing entrepreneurs with a network of cheerleaders rooting for their success.

From Idea to Reality: Finding Donors with Ease-
Interestingly, finding donors to support his venture was not a challenge for Dayton. "The private fundraising was easy," he revealed. Dayton's consistent discussions about his towing business plans over the past two years meant that everyone around him was aware of his aspirations. "It wasn't a surprise when I said, 'Hey, I need 10 donors. Just $25 from each person. The hardest part was
explaining what it was, but they were already willing to help me." Dayton's story demonstrates the strength of personal networks and the eagerness of friends and family to support meaningful endeavors.

Dayton wholeheartedly recommends the Kiva platform to fellow business owners, particularly those who struggle to secure traditional funding. "Absolutely, especially for those who cannot get traditional funding," Dayton affirmed. Kiva's unique approach to crowdfunding opens doors for entrepreneurs who might otherwise find themselves facing financial barriers. Looking forward, Dayton's commitment to Kiva remains resolute. When asked if he would use the platform again after repayment, he responded with enthusiasm. "Absolutely. The good thing about Kiva is that borrowers who have qualified and paid off their first loan can qualify for a higher amount." This speaks to the enduring relationship that Dayton envisions with Kiva, one that is founded on mutual trust and growth.

Dayton Jackson's journey with Kiva serves as a shining example of how a supportive community, a pioneering platform, and a determined entrepreneur can come together to create success. As we celebrate Dayton's achievements, we look forward to witnessing more stories of triumph through the power of Kiva.

For more information contact:

Mary Easley, Capital Access Manager

(302) 219-4629,

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