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Healing Through The Arts @ The Art O Mat

(Corner of 7th & Washington St.)

Wilmington Alliance is happy to announce the collaboration of Healing Through the Arts at our new Art O Mat location! HTA is a program of Mariposa Arts, in partnership with the Delaware Art Museum that uses the power of the arts as a catalyst for holistic healing and well-being. With an aim to create a supportive environment for all levels to explore creativity and develop a “creative practice,” we are excited to share multiple opportunities and styles of art to our community.


All programming will be held from 6:00-7:30pm.  This program is for all ages and all levels. 

Registration is required, please register at this link: HTA Registration


9/28 – Cony Madagaria – Watercolor Journal – Explore watercolor techniques in a playful way with local artist Cony Madagaria.

10/12 – JaQuanne LeRoy – Vision Board Self-Portrait – Local artist, JaQuanne LeRoy will help you express your identity using collage techniques that will utilize images and words.

10/26 – JaQuanne LeRoy – Mixed Media – My Community Project - KIDS WORKSHOP – Using collage and mixed media techniques, local artist JaQuanne LeRoy will facilitate a workshop on what we love about our community!

11/9 – KYMA – Sound & Movement – Local artist, KYMA will use sound transmissions to help us explore a deeper self-love.

11/16 – Vanesa Simon & Cony Madagaria – Mixed Media/Collage - Treasure Box Project – Using varied materials we will create a 3D object exploring ideas about identity, what we value, and the emotions objects can evoke.

12/7 – Vanesa Simon – Zentangle – Explore drawing patterns with simple materials in a meditative atmosphere.

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