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As in many American cities, the people who make their homes in Wilmington’s marginalized neighborhoods face a disproportionately high level of street crime and gun violence.

Gun violence ends lives and kills economic opportunity for the young people in these communities.

The cycle must end.

The Wilmington Alliance has worked with key partners to examine best practices in cities that have successfully reduced gun violence, and that research identified three key strategies, two of which are now in operation inside the Wilmington Police Department and the ChristianaCare hospital system.

The Wilmington Alliance has taken the lead on the third key strategy by making direct investments in the Wilmington Community Intervention Team, a group of culturally-competent, highly trained violence interrupters who participate and engage in street mediations, violence interruption, faith-based initiatives, public educational campaigns, Neighborhood Action Teams, hospital interventions, and post-shooting responses. The Wilmington CIT uses an evidence-based health approach in an effort to reduce shooting incidents and gun-related homicides and change community norms.

The Alliance engaged Social Contract to conduct a one year analysis of the current landscape of the city and best practices nationally. ​

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