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WLA Member Rodel Draws Parallels Between Education Improvements to Wilmington Growth

Wilmington Leaders Alliance member Rodel Foundation has been a powerful influencer in regards to education reform in Delaware. President Paul Herdman recently wrote an op-ed for local news outlet WilmToday, as part of the City of Wilmington’s It’s Time campaign, which highlights the best parts of Wilmington, Delaware.

Paul recounted his move to the area, “folks told me that there was nothing to do here. They consoled me by saying we were only 30 minutes from Philly and 90 from D.C. or New York. I love those cities, but I soon found that I didn’t need to drive half an hour to get great food or music. I could walk downtown, and I love it.”

Educational Opportunity Growth

He continued by discussing how 15 years ago, 20 percent of Delaware’s children were attending our private schools. Today, one in ten attend private school, and about 90 percent of Delaware’s children now attend public school, which is on par with the national average. So, what changed?

The shift in our schools parallels the evolution of Wilmington. Deeply held perceptions die hard and just like downtown itself, our schools aren’t all going to change overnight. The tide is shifting, but before change can begin, we need to understand the reasons behind those perceptions. Read the rest of Paul’s commentary about why It’s Time for Wilmington’s Schools here:

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