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Kiva Delaware was launched in May of 2022, through a partnership between Cornerstone West CDC and Wilmington Alliance, as a Hub of Kiva US.

WHAT IS KIVA HUB? A local connection that guides borrowers and trustees through the Kiva process by providing on the ground support and personalized assistance in effort to provide local small businesses an alternative access to capital. Through a relationship with Kiva US, our Hub employs a Capital Access Manager (CAM), who is trained by Kiva on how to share loan opportunities with entrepreneurs and local stakeholders.

About Kiva US: After the success of Kiva’s international model launched in 2005, Kiva recognized the need to tackle financial exclusion by supporting local entrepreneurs in the U.S. and started the Kiva US program in 2011. Entrepreneurs apply directly to Kiva US’s site to fundraise on the platform and are connected to millions of Kiva lenders. Kiva US enables local lenders to make direct loans – as little as $25 – to entrepreneurs in their communities. Since its beginning, Kiva U.S. has facilitated the crowdfunding of $50 Million from 230,000+ Lenders to 9,000+ Borrowers.


Unlike traditional bank loans, Kiva doesn't require a minimum credit score, years of cash flow documents or collateral.   0% interest loans up to $15k!

  • Apply:

    • Find out if you're prequalified, then easily fill out our online application.

    • Filling out the application usually takes 30 minutes. 

    • See Eligibility Requirements here

  • Invite:

    • Prove your creditworthiness by inviting friends and family to lend to you.

    • Loans can start at $25.

    • You will have up to 15 days to reach out to family and friends.

  • Fundraise:

    • The Capital Access Manager will help you go public on Kiva with your loan visible to over 1.6 million lenders worldwide.​

    • You will have up to 30 days to fundraise

  • Repay:

    • Build your customer base by repaying your Kiva loan.​

    • You will have up to 36 months to repay. 

Become a Borrower

Become a Lender

Make a loan, change a life. It's a simple 4 step process:

  1. Select a Borrower: Browse by category and find an entrepreneur to support.

  2. Make a Loan: Help fund a loan with as little as $25

  3. Get Repaid: Kiva borrowers have a 96% repayment rate historically.

  4. Repeat: Lend your money again or withdraw your funds.

For more information contact:

Mary Easley, Capital Access Manager

(302) 219-4629,

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