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Reinventing Our 


Launched in 2020, The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia designed Reinventing Our Communities (ROC) to work with community groups across the nation to address barriers, increase access to opportunity and build strong local economies. This effort involves addressing structural racism, maximizing employment through workforce recovery, creating access to quality credit for small business owners of color, and building community wealth.  Wilmington Alliance was selected, among only a few national ROC cohorts, to convene local community stakeholders in the Wilmington area.  Through the ROC Council, Wilmington Alliance has convened local, regional, and national experts and thought leaders to discuss strategies to “reinvent Wilmington communities” to become a stronger, more inclusive economy for all.  We have had over 70 convenings to share best practices and engage partners and stakeholders in building a connected ecosystem based on a common vision.  To date, we have connected with 76 community-based organizations, 37 private partners, 34 public agencies, and 137 employers to share resources, foster cross-sector collaboration, address partner needs and identify gaps and barriers in the Wilmington workforce landscape.

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