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Since 2013, we have been the convener and organizer of a multi-project revitalization effort focused on West Center City.  We have established a local reputation in the neighborhood through our years of free cultural and community programming and other placemaking initiatives. Wilmington Alliance’s creative placemaking work takes place in Census Tracts 28, 16 and 21 (West Center City neighborhood and downtown).The Wilmington Alliance’s creative placemaking work seeks to harness the many powers of the arts to generate real community engagement, inspired public spaces, and genuine civic pride.

By giving space and support to creative entrepreneurs – whether they be artists, musicians, designers, tech innovators, makers or manufacturers – the Wilmington Alliance seeks to create opportunities for all residents. 

This revitalization strategy has transformed vacant lots to green spaces. By investing in infrastructure with the community, the Alliance creates an equitable environment where community members have access to resources and experiences in their own neighborhood. If Wilmington is to thrive, its citizens must have vibrant neighborhoods that reflect equity and authenticity. Our partners in this work are not just creative professionals, but residents, community organizers and small-business owners, allied with the largest corporations in the state, to make our neighborhoods socially cohesive, economically stable, resilient and thriving.


A Vacant to Vibrant Project: The project at 7th & West—revitalized a neglected empty lot into a bright community green space.


7SAB is a creative placemaking project that is a conceptual “bridge”. It will use the arts as a catalyst for renewal and revitalization by connecting artists, entrepreneurs and residents to the downtown and the adjoining neighborhoods of Quaker Hill and West Center City. 7SAB will transform and unify this strategic corridor by creating structural, visual and spiritual connections between people and spaces. 

It is one of the first projects of the Creative District.

Smashed Label_ JDT.jpg

City Wide Mural Project

Our three city-wide mural projects have been a huge success spanning the communities from Westside to Riverside. We are grateful to all the residents, and supporters of these projects , a special shout-out to artists Corei and Crae Washington of Smashed Label, James Wyatt, and Eric Okdeh for their creativity and talent — their dedication to the projects is evident in the process.


The Vacant to Vibrant project proposes to reimagine and redesign two vacant lots and two alleyways within Quaker Hill and Wilmington’s Creative District.  


FourYouth Productions' student photographers captured images of families and through a series of conversations learned about their stories and community.


Veterans Freedom Mural

Veterans Freedom Mural, Getting Back to the World, is a multidisciplinary mural project which explores a veteran’s process of transition when returning back to civilian life. The design imagery was derived from group dialogue and individual conversations [throughout January, February, and March 2016] with veterans, the professionals who support their transition home, and community members from Wilmington.

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